ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol.1 FLAC

长度: 1.05GB
热度: 64
创建时间: 2017-06-09 00:00:00


文件名 文件大小
CD 1/(05) Stay (Extended Version) - Roby & Claudia.flac 61.73MB
CD 1/(08) In Your City (Maxi-Version) - Siberian Heat.flac 59.66MB
CD 1/(01) Parisienne Girl (Eddy Remix) - Ryan Paris.flac 57.24MB
CD 1/(06) When We in Illusion (Special ZYX Long Version) - D.J. Savage.flac 56.25MB
CD 2/(05) Dancing in My Dream (Special Extended) - Retronic Voice.flac 52.35MB
CD 1/(07) Sometimes - Modeone.flac 52.30MB
CD 1/(04) Dancing Together (Vocal Version) - Ken Laszlo.flac 50.29MB
CD 2/(04) Astronomers In China (Maxi Version) - Elen Cora.flac 49.23MB
CD 2/(09) I Wanna Touch Your Body Now (Extended Version) - Magic System DJ.flac 47.46MB
CD 2/(07) Sweet Surrender (Extended Version) - Mirko Hirsch.flac 46.62MB
CD 2/(10) Facing The Night (Flashback Italo Remix) - The Sweeps.flac 46.03MB
CD 2/(06) All The Night (Extended Version) - Dario.flac 45.81MB
CD 1/(10) Let it Be Love (Original Mix) - Miko Mission.flac 44.01MB
CD 2/(12) Seventh Heaven (Extended Mix) - Daniel Pettersson.flac 42.87MB
CD 1/(03) Hey You (What's Coming On Along The Way) - Squash Gang.flac 42.82MB
CD 1/(09) Stranger (Dream Version) - Nikita Fomin.flac 42.46MB
CD 1/(11) Love For Russia (Ruble Version) - Eddy Huntington.flac 42.43MB
CD 2/(08) Joy (Extended Version) - Dyva.flac 42.38MB
CD 1/(02) Ash (Vocal Version) - Tiziana Rivale.flac 40.18MB
CD 2/(03) Alone Again (Extended Vocal Mix) - Boy Blue.flac 40.12MB
CD 2/(01) Asian Heart (Maxi Version) - Joy Peters.flac 38.64MB
CD 2/(02) Angelina (Extended Version) - Vyck Vyo.flac 38.24MB
CD 2/(11) Rain of Love (Maxi Version) - D.J. Savage.flac 36.48MB